About Our Company

About Our Company

Bobby Cardwell & Charlie McCarter of H. Grey Custom Homes & Remodeling take pride in staying up to date on new building methods and materials. Attention to detail is very important. Approach a new build with a client knowing this is the most important thing to them in their lives at this time and we respect that and make this time as easy as we can. We also emphasize communication between our company and our clients.

It’s All about Great Service

It’s one thing to say it, but it is a completely different challenge to actually execute on great service. We are focused on getting every detail right here at H. Grey Custom Homes & Remodeling. In order to provide this great service, it requires that we have an incredibly strong team. When asked how we choose our team members, the answer is simple: We look for hard working, self-starters with a great overall attitude toward life. With a company full of people like this, the combination of a strong company culture and thorough employee training enables our team to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.

What We Do

Custom Homes

Few things in life are quite as fulfilling as selecting a plan to build your dream home. Imagine watching your home come to life with the guidance of a professional custom home builder. H. Grey Homes & Remodeling is proud of their…

Home Remodeling

No matter what changes you have in mind for your current home, our team has the resources and talents to make it happen (and probably a few features you hadn’t considered). We handle everything including analyzing…

Design Consultation

From concept to creation, we work with homeowners and design professionals in the early planning stages of a project to provide practical constructability analysis, and offer feedback for how to make your vision into a reality…

Kitchen Remodeling

When H. Grey Custom Homes designs kitchens for our clients, we begin with establishing the clients’ needs and expectations. We measure success by delivering an efficient and well-organized layout, allowing the area…

Bathroom Remodeling

No room in your home sees more daily traffic than the bathroom. Morning, noon, and night your family needs access to a space in which they can relax and feel comfortable. If your bathroom is cramped or outdated, then the bathroom…

Outdoor Living Areas

H. Grey Custom Homes & Remodeling creates spectacular outdoor living and backyard designs in Sevierville and the surrounding counties. Elements of backyard design such as beautiful landscaping, outdoor pavilions,…

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